DesktopZoom 2.1

Zoom tool with many options


  • Many options available
  • Extraordinary zoom capacity


  • Confusing interface
  • Zooming is not easy to control

Not bad
DesktopZoom is a complete zoom tool that enables you to see even the smallest pixels of any window, application, document or picture opened in your computer, thanks to an incredible zooming capacity.

The program doesn't require installation. It features a wide range of options, with which to zoom in the entire desktop, an active window or just the area below the cursor.

The downside to it is that there are so many possibilities that the interface seems a bit confusing. Also, I find that sometimes the zoom effect is difficult to control, especially when zooming the whole desktop.

DesktopZoom magnifies your screen and lets you see things in detail.

DesktopZoom is a zoom/magnify program with lots of options. See for yourself:

  • Zoom an area around the mouse, zoom a fixed window or zoom the entire desktop
  • Use the mouse inside the zoomed window
  • Use the mouse wheel or arrow keys to adjust the magnification strength
  • View the entire screen as a thumbnail in the right-bottom corner
  • Follow the caret & menu items
  • Change the colors to grey or invers the colors
  • Show the original screen with a transparency value between 0 en 100%
  • Show a bigger mouse and/or a crosshair
  • Use Alt-keys to change the zoomvalue and to enable/disable tracking and the crosshair
  • Save all the settings to a file for automatic loading



DesktopZoom 2.1

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